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Ennis services

(Seirbhísí Inis)

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Road:M18 between exits 10 and 11
Signposted from the road?It will be
Grid reference:R 38153 69049
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Please note that this service area is not yet open.

In 2015, the new Transport Infrastructure Ireland began plans for a new network of motorway services, with Ennis being one of the first proposals.

Ennis Chamber are concerned a service area would take trade from local villages.

Both SuperStop and Applegreen have previously had planned services near here at Dromoland rejected.

In 2017 the M18 was extended to create a motorway to Tuam, but no new services were provided. Since 2010, the Irish government have encountered a number of issues which have stopped them opening any new services, but they remained confident Ennis would be open by 2020.

In August 2017, Supermac's hinted that they were planning a new Plaza in Co. Clare, with a planned opening in 2018. This was sidelined by Transport Infrastructure Ireland's plans, but in 2018 they confirmed that they were not planning any services here until they had reviewed their own procedures.

In July 2018 Supermac's lodged a formal planning application to build an Ennis Plaza at M18 J12, with 175 parking spaces on a 4.8-hectare site. They claim that it will showcase Ennis's history of Irish music, arguing that the motorway was taking trade away from the town and that they wanted to change this.

Supermac's have distanced themselves from a number of forged letters sent in support of the proposal, although they did subside a campaign in their favour. Applegreen have objected to the proposal, claiming it's an unsuitable location, and there are a number of objections from local businesses. Supermac's have alleged that Applegreen offered to withdraw their objection in return for being offered the petrol station at the site. Applegreen formally objected to 27 rival developments between 2015 and 2018.

In May 2019, Supermac's withdrew their application, but suggested they would be starting a new one.

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