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About the Site

Model of Hopwood Park services.

Motorway Services Online (or MSO if you're a fan of unpronounceable acronyms) is the largest and most up-to-date site dedicated to the fascinating subject of motorway services in the UK and Ireland.

The aim is quite simply to collect as much information on them as possible, and in doing so being able to help road users plan journeys and hopefully to unearth some little-known facts about the history of some of these much-unloved places.

Many pages of the site can now be edited by registered members in order to make sure the information is as up-to-date as can be.

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Why was Motorway Services Online set up?

Once upon a time (pre-2005), people had to resort to pot-luck when it came to finding the best service area for them to stop at. Today many people have a favourite chain or try to only use services with a particular facility. Others might need to know the exact location of a service area in order to arrange a meeting.

Motorway Services Online provides all that information and tries to make it as easy to access as possible. In particular, it helps people tell others which services to use and which to avoid. We then use our position to try to influence the market to make sure the UK's notorious service stations are getting better at giving people what they want. In Ireland, we'd just like to see enough suitable facilities.

The site still stands by all these original aims, but it tries to combine this with some occasional serious research into the social and architectural reasonings behind the way these soulless places are.

We exist to share information, not to help our favourite chains.

Who uses Motorway Services Online?

Beaconsfield services under construction.

As well as helping travellers to plan their breaks, this site has been used by researchers looking for history or news, and by people who are just interested and have a little bit of spare time.

It has also helped with university projects, and excerpts and links to the site have been shared amongst truck and coach driver organisations, among highway authorities and planners, as well as with several international parties looking to compare different country's service stations.

And to everyone who has shaped this site...

I would like to thank everyone who has done something for this site, whether you've been a regular on the Forums even when we've gone for weeks without any postings, or you've been working for a helpdesk and you've had to deal with my many cries for assistance. Perhaps you're one of those people whom the rate and review system relies upon for it to remain up-to-date, or maybe you just correct a few pages every now and again. You lot know who you are and without you the site wouldn't be anything like it is today.

Even if you're just a casual reader, I'd like to thank you for using the site and for inspiring me every day to grow and to continue with it.

OK then, so where's that disclaimer?

Starting with the copyright, take a deep breath, here we go:

Severn Bridge.

By using the site you agree to the following (which may be edited at any time, although any changes will always be marked on Recent Changes).

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Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate (and it can be easily corrected by others where it isn't), but no guarantee is made. The nature of the subject means that Motorway Services Online often has to catch up with changes being made and finer details (such as parking prices, availability of a play area and the 'signed as' field) may remain outdated for several months.

We accept no liability for any problems that may arise due to information provided by this site, in the forums, in emails owned by this domain or on official Motorway Services Online social networking pages. User contributions may not have been verified so we do not necessarily endorse all the information that we provide, and users are responsible for verifying the information they contribute. Like any source of information, this website should be used with care.

If you believe that this site is carrying incorrect or other information that it shouldn't be hosting, please get in touch. We act to remove any such items as soon as possible.

Finally, if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact me.

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