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Ireland's Motorway Services

Athlone: The dining area at Athlone. (2020)
The landscaping surrounding the amenity building.The filling station and forecourt entrance.Topaz's favoured service station design at Manor Stone.

If this is your first visit, then welcome to the site!

Motorway service areas took the humble local service station and turned it into something bigger, easier to find and more competitive. Just like we have been doing in in Britain for well over 10 years, we try to make things a little easier by showing you where they all are, what they all offer and exactly where your nearest motorway service area is.

Motorway services in Ireland continue to open at a rapid rate, although most of these are offline sites that have been privately developed. The official sites proposed by Transport Infrastructure Ireland are progressing much more slowly with objections, bureaucracy and funding issues. We analyse both types, plus a few other popular stopping places. We also look at some planned or cancelled proposals.

In Ireland, many local facilities are signposted from the road. To qualify for our records they need to have official road signs with the word "Services", regardless of colour. You can search our database of motorway service areas using the form below.

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