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Ireland's Motorway Services

Manor Stone food outlets.jpg
Manor Stone: The choice of food outlets at Manor Stone.
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Dublin Road: One of the bureau de changes by the side of the old Dublin Road, this one south of the border.Castlebellingham: Applegreen's The Bakewell.Castlebellingham: The main amenity building.

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Love them or hate them, we've all used a motorway service area before. Motorway Services Online attempts to catalogue useful information for people that use them and serious research into their background. Since 2015, this sister website has began to catalogue each site in exactly the same way, providing information and opinions on all the current and planned services.

Ireland's relatively small but well-formed motorway network has started to gain a number of motorway services, overcoming the National Roads Authority's objections that local facilities should be used instead. Hindered by funding problems, the first services began to open in 2010, with private developers bypassing delays by building their own.

In Ireland, many local facilities are signposted from the road. Some motorways also have lay-bys. This site looks at only the ones marked 'Services', regardless of whether they use blue or brown signs. You can search the database using the table below, or browse a map.

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