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Athenry services

(Seirbhísí Baile Átha)

Baile Átha
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Road:M6 near exit 18
(also accessible to traffic on the M17 and the M18)
Signposted from the road?It will be
Previous names:Oranmore
Services type:Single site located at a junction

⚠️ Please note that this service area is not yet open.

Part of the latest tranche of new motorway services, a new service area was planned at the new M6/M17/M18 roundabout interchange at Rathmorrisey. They are now calling it Oranmore services.

The services have encountered a number of planning issues and a new investigation is currently deciding between three different possible locations. The preferred location was on the M6 to the west of the interchange, but it continues to be referred to as serving the M6, M17 and the M18.

A public consultation was held in June 2017 with a view to having a service area here open in 2019.

By Irish standards, it would be a large service area that caters for both sides of the M6 and the new M18, but it is still expected to serve less than 40,000 vehicles a day. Objections include concerns about an impact on Supermac's Galway Plaza, which was privately developed to circumvent the political bureaucracy that has delayed Athenry.


Galway Plaza (76 km)Services on the M6 (Ireland)none

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