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User:Ludicrous Wolf

Ludicrous Wolf
Introduced:2014 (This account 2018)

Hi, I'm Emma and I sometimes do things on here.

Some facts about me (if you're curious)

How did I get here?

I've (nearly) always been a geek for services. My first visit to one was back in 2008 when I was driven into Gretna services on my way to Blackpool for a family holiday to get a KFC. Something about the place struck a chord with the younger me, and I ended up always being quietly curious about them growing up. That was until I discovered this site back in 2014, and have since dived right into the history of the industry.

Favourite Services

Aside from Gretna, I like Stafford North for it's 1990's buildiing and 'dramatic' lake. However, my favourite one which I haven't been to would be Donington for it's wild achitecture.

Favourite Terrible Motorway Services Themed Pun

"Motorway Services are my 'Forte'"

Where Have I Been?

Ludicrous Wolf has visited 28 UK services (23.4%). Here they are on a map:

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