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Comment Review (Plaza Group)

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On most pages of this website we allow visitors to leave feedback. This page lists all the comments related to Plaza Group in one place. Using Facebook Pages, authorised staff can reply on behalf of Plaza Group. Instruction are given in the Operators' Guide.

If this is your first visit to this page, you will find that some sections haven't been posted to for a while. That is usually a good sign. However, you may wish to check back periodically for new comments.

As ever, it is up to you and your employer if or how you reply. The most effective reply is usually to ask any complainants to contact you directly. The selection of comments shown here has been automatically generated, so it's possible that some of them won't have anything to do with you. Those are usually best ignored.

This page is publicly viewable, but not advertised as it is only really of interest to Plaza Group staff. A big page will take a while to load!

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Planned Developments

Comments made in this section are usually part of a debate about any proposed developments, so are probably best left, unless there is something you want to address.


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