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How many services are there?

Blyth services sign.
We only count services with the correct signs.

As of 2024, there are 95 service areas open and signed from motorways in Great Britain. That's counting dual-sided services as one (including Stafford and Sedgemoor), including three places classed as rest areas, but excluding truckstops signed with black signs and excluding 'non-motorway' Appleby Magna and white signed Broxden.

Northern Ireland has a further 3.

We reckon there are 314 more service stations officially signposted from A-roads in Great Britain, but this is impossible to measure as the quality of signage is very inconsistent, some of them operate in pairs and not all of them are on major roads. Examples of this confusion include the single sign referring to Halfway House, the fact that Collingtree and Grange Farm function as a pair, and the fact Telegraph Hill is signed as a petrol station but not a service area.

There are 6 more official motorway services in Ireland (Republic Of.), and 10 more semi-unofficial ones.

Some people want to visit every service area in Britain. We've written a bit more about this at All The Service Stations.

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