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Tuam Plaza (Tuaim):

Road: M17 at the Kilmore Roundabout
(also accessible to traffic on the N17)
Location: Farranamartin, Co. Galway
Date planned: 2016-2017
Operator: Plaza Group
Grid reference: M 41802 51139

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The competition among private developers of service stations was becoming intense, as they wanted to get their planning applications considered before any rivals.

The Tuam Plaza is perhaps the best example of this. Whereas in the past Ireland has had to survive for years with a full motorway network but no services, in this case work on the M17 had only just started when Supermac's got their planning application in.

It was withdrawn after a road safety audit concluded it would be likely to affect the capacity and safety of the new road, in addition to complaints from local businesses and residents. Had it been built, it would have been likely to look very similar to the Galway Plaza.

In August 2017, Supermac's hinted that they were planning a new Plaza in Co. Clare, with a planned opening in 2018. This development was sidelined by Transport Infrastructure Ireland's plans for its own Ennis services, in addition to highlighting issues with the lack of family facilities and electric vehicle charging points.

In July 2018 Supermac's lodged a formal planning application to build an Ennis Plaza at M18 J12. They claim that it will showcase Ennis's history of Irish music, arguing that the motorway was taking trade away from the town and that they wanted to change this.