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Some people visit Motorway Services Online for a quick bit of information. Others find themselves hooked - usually reluctantly - by the subject of motorways and keep coming back for more. If you're in that category then you may want to check out the following websites too.

Visit the Operators and Brands sections of the site for the operators' and brands' official websites.

As you'd expect, we receive a lot of requests to be added to this page and we are no longer able to accept suggestions - that's not how earned media works. If an existing link is broken or needs updating then you can let us know.

Recommended Websites

    The ultimate stop for all UK roads information, combines meticulous research with a little bit of fun to create a fascinating guide to many corners of the road network, from historic but little-known country routes to whole motorway networks that'll be forever unbuilt.

  • SABRE - The Society for all British and Irish Road Enthusiasts
    When just reading about them isn't enough, SABRE is a society for people who live and breathe roads - or at least just those who think about them a little more than they care to admit. It has a lively discussion forum, a growing wiki database and possibly the best collection of maps available online.

  • Northern Ireland Roads Information - a website dedicated to Northern Ireland's own particularly quirky road network.
  • Pathetic Motorways - more than just a surreal tour of Britain's shortest motorways, Pathetic Motorways takes a serious look at forgotten and unbuilt proposals that exist only deep within government archives.

Official Government Websites

These are the organisations responsible for the motorway network within their areas. Traffic updates are available from most of these sources.

Note that while we try to keep these links up to date, government departments have a frustrating habit of frequently changing their names.

UK Department for Transport | National Highways | Transport Scotland | Welsh Assembly Government | DfI Roads (Northern Ireland) | Transport Infrastructure Ireland

Other Travel Sites

  • Irish Motorway Info - does exactly what you'd expect. A motorway network growing so quickly deserves its own fan-site.
  • OpenStreetMap - probably my favourite mapping application. It's best viewed through SABRE, but you can also look at it direct.

  • AFerry - ferry comparison service
  • Driving with Dogs - information on walks for dogs and owners, tried and tested with safe parking places and dog friendly café/pub within five miles of a motorway exit.
  • Motorway Parking for Caravans - a website campaigning for better parking facilities for caravans at motorway services.
  • - the excellent and now quite-famous website for finding the cheapest petrol prices in your area.
  • Zap Map - an elaborate map of electric vehicle charging points.

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