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Moorepark services

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Road:M8 at exit 14
(also accessible to traffic on the R639)
Signposted from the road?It will be
Grid reference:R8194601396
Services type:Single site located at a junction.
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Please note that the services have not yet opened.

JR Oronco Ltd hold planning permission to build services at M8 J14. It is being billed as "the largest development of its kind in Ireland".

Meanwhile, Applegreen had their planned M8 J13 services initially accepted but then later refused over concerns about the impact on the environment and economy.

In February 2016 it was announced the services would be built by Topaz and McDonald's, and may be named Fermoy. It will open in Autumn 2017.


Catering: McDonald's drive thru, Cafe, 'Grab & Go' Hot Deli Shops: Re.Store Main Amenities: unknown Motel: none Forecourt: Topaz


Cashel (44 km)Services on the M8 (Ireland) no services
Cashel (44 km)Topaz services no services

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